Green Initiatives

AMO Office Products is committed to do our part to help limit our impact on the environment. To lead by example, we are transitioning AMO corporate headquarters into a green office.

  • AMO is committed to electronic paperless invoicing, dramatically cutting our paper and envelope usage.
  • AMO uses recycled toners and inks for all of our printers and copiers.
  • AMO uses recycled copy paper for all printers and copiers.
  • Each employee at AMO has a personal recycle bin in their office or cubicle to provide additional opportunity to recycle all products possible.
  • Delivery routes are electronically calculated to provide for greatest gas mileage to assist with the reduction of emissions.
  • AMO also provides many options to assist our customers in green initiatives for their own offices.

Customer Feedback

"AMO always has the best price on products, and the service to go right along with it. I used to price compare with other companies, but find it to be a waste time anymore. If you think a competitor may have a better price, just call you rep. AMO does a great job staying competitive. My only wish is that there was an option to have an automatic reoccurring order on the first of each month for items that you regularly use. I guess I trust them to just do my ordering for me. Product is always delivered to us within 2 days. AMO has made my job a lot easier, which allows me to focus on other aspects of the business."
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